Quality Over




Review Application

  • Ensure that recruit responded to ALL questions with COMPREHENDIBLE ANSWERS

  • Ensure that recruit is 18 years of age or older, NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Review their Social Club account (add them if necessary)

  • Check for excessive MC activity, “crew-hopping”, drama/beef, etc.

Initial Contact with Recruit

  • Introduce yourself and your position

  • Thank them for their interest in the Black Wasp MC

  • Give them your regular availability to meet and begin intake

  • Based on communication, if recruit seems like a good applicant, give them the ACTIVE RECRUIT and PS4/XBOX roles on Discord

  • REMINDER: It is up to THEM to schedule a meeting with YOU. Do not invest excessive time to encourage their activity. If they are actually interested, they will make effort to set up a meeting ON THEIR OWN based on YOUR schedule. If there is an irresolvable scheduling conflict, report the issue to H.O.P.


  • Add recruit on PSN/XBOX LIVE as a friend when you are BEGINNING INTAKE ONLY

  • REMINDER: Do not add recruits on your PSN/XBOX LIVE friends list until you are going to meet them to begin intake. This will prevent unwanted/rejected recruits from joining our public and friend lobbies.

GTA Lobby Set Up

  • Begin a PRIVATE or FRIENDS lobby including yourself and at least one other Black Wasp MC patched member, preferably a WAR HORSE or an ARCH ANGEL


  • Stand the recruit next to the RED EXPLOSIVE FUEL TANK

  • Have your fellow Black Wasp MC patched member aim at the fuel tank, in case the recruit needs to be eliminated quickly (this is for extreme circumstances only)

Brief Interview

  • Ask the recruit why they want to join

  • Ask them about their crew history, bring up any possible issues that you noticed on Social Club

  • Proceed with any follow up questions if necessary

  • REMINDER: Be cautious of any careless or poor reasoning, this is another chance for you to evaluate/investigate the recruit

Black Wasp MC Introduction (read to the recruit, make sure to cover BOLD points)

  • Overall, we are just looking for cool people who are down to earth and fun to hang out with, people who are loyal and will stay for the long haul

  • We’re looking for people who love to ride American motorcycles

  • GTA is our main hub, we meet at least twice a week

  • We play many other games too

  • We come from many different backgrounds and all have adult lives, school, jobs, kids, so we know real life comes first

  • We talk a lot of really awful shit and fuck around a lot, if you can’t handle it then you’re not gonna make it

  • A lot of our members have been here for many years and we’re all friends so we want people who will maintain that same consistency that we’ve managed so far

  • We’ve been here for a long time, you are a stranger who is trying to gain our friendship and respect, you will likely be treated poorly until you have proven yourself

  • We have seen hundreds of people come and go, we don’t expect you to make it

  • We have different departments depending on your play style, we don’t only shoot, these also serve as opportunities to grow and increase your rank and potentially someday become a major player in running the club

Bylaws Summary (read to the recruit)

  • We always wear our patch and represent our club

  • We ride American cruiser and chopper bikes only

  • We play with basic weapons on strictly free aim (pistols, SMGs, ARs, pump shotguns)

  • We don’t use bulletproof helmets, armor, etc.

  • We don’t use BST, snacking, suicide, etc.

  • We don’t shoot or kill anyone in BLACK WASP MC, REAPER LORDS, SONS OF BAKERSFIELD, or LOST BREED

  • We make sure no one uses our account except us (real life friends, siblings, kids, etc.)

  • We don’t use passive mode, go off the radar or go AFK

Final Checkpoint Before 223 Hangaround Set Up

  • Ask if they are still interested in joining

  • If “YES”, continue the procedure


Items Required

  • Recruit must know their PSN/XBOX LIVE login information

  • Recruit must know their Social Club login information

PSN/Xbox Live

  • Direct recruit to add H.O.P. on PSN/XBOX LIVE

  • Direct recruit to make their friends list visible to other friends

Social Club

  • Direct recruit to  add H.O.P. or personal Prospect Developer on Social Club

  • Direct recruit to make everything PUBLIC to EVERYONE

  • Direct recruit to link their PSN/XBOX LIVE account

  • Direct recruit to leave all of their crews

PSN/Social Club/Discord

  • Make sure all recruit usernames are the same or as similar as possible


  • Direct recruit to turn on phone notifications, especially for private messages

GTA game settings

  • Request a screenshot of the recruit's controller settings

  • If settings are not “FREE AIM”, direct recruit to go to single player campaign and change settings to Free Aim, and then rejoin the lobby

Interaction Menu

  • Direct recruit to set their spawn location to LAST LOCATION

  • Direct recruit to set their vehicle access to EVERYONE

  • Direct recruit to set their action to SALUTE



  • Assist recruit in setting up the BLACK BAGGER (black paint, black wheels, stock fairing, no saddlebags), the official bike of the Black Wasp

GTA Character

  • Direct recruit to remove any hand tattoos, hands should be clean


After Set Up

  • Invite recruit  to 223 HANGAROUND CREW on Social Club (USE A PHONE OR COMPUTER)

  • Invite them back to the lobby

  • Direct them to buy the CHARCOAL T-SHIRT with the CREW EMBLEM on the BACK of the shirt

  • Remove ACTIVE RECRUIT role and add HANGAROUND role on Discord

  • Inform them that they are now in the hangaround/prospect Discord chat where they have access to chat with the entire club

  • Direct them to turn on the hangaround/propect chat notifications to at least @mentions


223 Hangaround Duties (read to the recruit)

  • Attend two weekly prospect rides within 15 days to be eligible for potential

    promotion to Prospect

  • If you can’t make it, inform the H.O.P. to be considered active

  • Salute any patch member you see

  • Send friend requests to all Black Wasp MC patched members, prospects, and fellow

    hangarounds; patched members may not add you

  • Join parties, lobbies, and games of all Black Wasp MC patched members, prospects,

    and fellow hangarounds whenever possible. (YOUR GOAL IS TO GET KNOWN AND


  • Find a PATCHED SPONSOR to vouch for you

  • Listen to orders from any patched member

  • Do not ever ask about promotions at any level within the crew or it will be

    considered against you

  • Study the website, learn everyone’s position in the crew

  • Make sure that the 223 Hangaround crew emblem is visible AT ALL TIMES

  • Only use the guns listed (pistols, SMGs, ARs, pump shotguns)

  • Only use the BLACK BAGGER, no other vehicle is permitted

  • Do not park your Bagger with the Black Wasp, park away from the patched members

  • If Bagger is impounded, request a different bike from MECHANIC/MC, return it to storage, call MORS MUTUAL to repair the Bagger, and then request it, OR JUST GO FUCKING GET IT FROM THE IMPOUND LOT

  • If you have any questions, reach out to your personal Prospect Developer or H.O.P.

The Five Basic 223 Hangaround Rules - "when in doubt, follow these"

  1. Make sure your 223 Hangaround emblem is visible at ALL times

  2. Do not use ANYTHING AT ALL in the game aside from the permitted weapons and the BLACK BAGGER

  3. Salute all Black Wasp MC members in GTA

  4. Communicate and play with all Black Wasp MC members across all games/opportunities as much as possible

  5. Find a sponsor who will vouch for you

Intake Completion

  • Please report successful intake to H.O.P. as soon as possible

  • Please report failure or any other issues to H.O.P. as soon as possible

Welcome to the Black Wasp MC