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Know Your Club

Official Black Wasp MC Prospect Study Guide

Black Wasp Prospect Duties:

  • Attend four weekly prospect rides within 36 days

  • Inform the H.O.P. if you cannot attend a ride

  • Salute all Black Wasp MC members in GTA

  • Send friend requests to all Black Wasp MC patched members and prospects; patched members may not add you

  • Join parties, lobbies, and games of all Black Wasp MC patched members, prospects, and hangarounds whenever possible. (YOUR GOAL IS TO GET KNOWN AND MAKE FRIENDS)

  • Stay up to date with your SPONSOR and personal PROSPECT ADMINISTRATOR

  • Listen to orders from any patched member

  • Avoid asking about promotions at any level within the crew or it will be considered against you

  • Ensure that the BLACK WASP PROSPECT crew emblem is visible AT ALL TIMES

  • Do not use anything in the game outside of pistols, SMGs, ARs, and pump shotguns

  • Do not use bulletproof helmets, armor, etc.

  • Do not use BST, snacking, suicide, etc.

  • Do not allow anyone else to use your account (friends, siblings, kids, etc.)

  • Do not use passive mode or go AFK

  • Do not use any vehicle besides the BLACK BAGGER

  • Do not park your Bagger with Black Wasp MC patched members, park away from the patched members

  • If Bagger is impounded, request a different bike from mechanic/MC, store it, and call for the Bagger, OR JUST GO FUCKING GET IT

  • If you have any questions, reach out to your personal Prospect Developer or the H.O.P.


Wise Ones:

  • Old Heads - the highest honor given exclusively by the International President

  • Enforcers - honored members unanimously selected by the entire Top 9


Top 9:

  • International President - leader of the club

  • Chapter President - second in command

  • Vice President - third in command

  • Secretary - manages website, social media and Keepers

  • Head of Prospects - manages all recruitment and Prospect Developers

  • Road Captain - leads all rides and manages Road Kings

  • Sergeant at Arms - leads all wars, manages War Horses and Arch Angels

  • Ambassador - arranges and hosts events with other clubs

  • Treasurer - hosts game nights and other money making lobbies


Big 4:

  • Keeper - major photographers and book keepers

  • Prospect Developer - run intake and help manage recruits

  • Road King - lead rides under Road Captain’s orders

  • War Horse - lead wars under Sergeant at Arms’ orders


Arch Angels:

  • Top 5 best shooters per console

  • Primarily protect Top 9 in public lobbies and events with associates, etc.



  • Black Wasp MC Prospect - prospective Black Wasp MC members officially being considered for full membership

  • 223 Hangaround - recruits being considered for promotion to Black Wasp MC Prospect

Current Ceasefires:

  • Reaper Lords

  • Sons of Bakersfield

  • Lost Breed MC

  • Muerto’s MC

  • Red Menace MC

  • Mother’s Finest MC

  • Banished Breed MC

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