Before you apply, we would like you to take the time to understand that you're trying to join a Grand Theft Auto 5 based Motorcycle Club. We follow basic Motorcycle Club proceedings in our own format to implement onto the game itself. We do not think of ourselves as a real life Motorcycle Club, despite following the many procedures that may be similar.

We are much more than just a GTA crew. We are a group of people who treat each other like family, and we believe that a true family sense must come with hardships. Our Recruit phase is designed to test you on whether or not we can truly trust you, and if you would make a good fit into our brotherhood that we've been a part of for so many years.

    With that being said, we would like for you to join our discord. When you create a discord account, be sure to set your username as your console name first, such as (PSN or XBOX) (Your username).  After you have created an account, press the HANGAROUND emblem on this page. When you join our discord, do only as "Dan 223" tells you, until you get into

contact with a patched member.


-Weapon & fighting rules

-Motorcycle rules

-Following a uniform code