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  1. First major club representative

  2. Maintains overall club organization, direction, and well-being.

  3. Ensures Club integrity.


  1. Second major club representative

  2. Serves as the second major adviser to the International President

  3. Presides over all meetings when the International and Chapter Presidents are both absent

  4. Ensures Club integrity.


  1. Third major club representative

  2. Serves as the Third major adviser to the President and Vice President

  3. Presides over all meetings when the President and Vice President are both absent.

  4. Manages Black Wasp MC Social Media, website, and Discord server.

  5. Ensures Club integrity.



  1. Acts as the lead agent of initial screenings

  2. Oversees the development of prospects into patched membership

  3. Consistently communicates with the club regarding current prospects to ensure knowledge of potential BLACK WASP.

  4. Ensures Club integrity.


  1. Acts as the leader of a specialized group of BLACK WASP members named the Archangels in order to protect the TOP 9 and Old Heads.

  2. Hand selects patched members and trains them to become Archangels.

  3. Organizes situational based tactics to ensure club safety.

  4. Ensures Club integrity.


  1. Establishes and enforces all riding standards and procedures.

  2. Leads rides at all weekly meetings and club events

  3. Controls the BLACK WASP Formation page to specific standards.

  4. Ensures the security of members during group rides.

  5. Controls the import and export of custom BLACK WASP Motorcycles.

  6. Ensures Club integrity.



  1. Establishes and enforces all combat standards and procedures.

  2. In charge of importing and exporting weaponry. 

  3. Ensures Club integrity.


  1. Acts as the lead agent in managing club relations and external politics.

  2. In charge of relaying BLACK WASP requests to server hosts.

  3. Primarily seeks and establishes a positive Black Wasp MC presence to outside sources.

  4. Ensures Club integrity.


  1. Acts as the lead agent in managing club financial expansion.

  2. Organizes, schedules, and coordinates events.

  3. Seeks and disseminates information of potential opportunities for generating revenue beyond regular activities.

  4. Ensures Club integrity.

  1. Made up of 5 Patched Members, they're duty is to protect TOP 9 with vital, and necessary skills in combat.

  2. Works directly with the Security Chief

  3. Adheres to the Security Chief to protect the club in specific situations.

  4. Wears a Blue Denim Vest

  5. Ensures Club Integrity

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