To provide fun, enjoyable, and fair fighting within the

Grand Theft Auto Motorcycle Club community, the BLACK WASP is a "1%" Motorcycle Club. We choose to not actively display on our patch, or anywhere else for reasons obvious.

Despite denouncing the use of the term "1%er", the GTA MC Community uses it to describe the 1% of GTA MC's that play Free Aim to fight one another using Assault Rifles and Pump Shotguns to provide enjoyable game-play, as if we were in an actual Motorcycle Club war. (lets face it, there wouldn't be flying bikes blowing sh#t up in any war, let alone an MC war).

We ONLY follow these rules against other MC's, we WILL use whatever is used against us, and most importantly,

WE DO WHAT WE WANT at any time if we deem necessary.

The only reason we play free aim is to ride freely in Public Lobby's.

The BLACK WASP Archangels are the elite fighting force we have

to solely protect the TOP 9 of the club. Made of 5 members,

they are seen wearing Blue Masks along with a Blue Denim vest or a Blue Leather Jacket within Public Lobby's.