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223 Hangaround Review of Requirements

  • Ensure that the hangaround has attend the minimum rides required

  • Ensure that the hangaround has a sponsor who believes they are ready to prospect


GTA Lobby Set Up

  • Begin a PRIVATE lobby including yourself and one other Black Wasp MC patched member, preferably a WAR HORSE or an ARCH ANGEL

  • Meet at the STRIP CLUB in STRAWBERRY

  • Clear out the strip club and remove any wanted level

  • Park motorcycles throughout the entire strip club, especially in the BACK OFFICE

  • Start all motorcycle engines through the VEHICLE REMOTE FUNCTIONS menu and turn on all headlights

  • Stand behind the desk in the back office

  • Direct the WAR HORSE or ARCH ANGEL to stand beside the desk


223 Hangaround Set Up

  • Invite 223 Hangaround to lobby

  • Direct them to enter the strip club and guide them to the back office

  • Direct them to stand against the lit wall facing the desk

  • Order the WAR HORSE or ARCH ANGEL to aim a PUMP SHOTGUN at the 223 Hangaround


Brief Interview

  • Inform them that they have met the 223 Hangaround requirements

  • Inform them that they are being considered for promotion to Black Wasp MC Prospect


GTA Game Settings

  • Ask recruit to send a screenshot of their controller settings

  • If the settings are not FREE AIM, direct them to go to single player, change the settings to FREE AIM and then rejoin the lobby

  • REMINDER: If their settings are not FREE AIM, report it to the H.O.P. immediately


Interaction Menu

  • Make sure their spawn location is set to LAST LOCATION

  • Make sure their vehicle access is set to EVERYONE

  • Make sure their action is set to SALUTE


Verbal Exam

  • Direct the hangaround to hold their salute

  • Ask them to name their sponsor

  • Ask them to name the International President

  • Ask them to state the FIVE BASIC 223 HANGAROUND RULES:

  1. Make sure your 223 Hangaround emblem is visible at ALL times

  2. Do not use ANYTHING AT ALL in the game aside from the permitted weapons and the BLACK BAGGER

  3. Salute all Black Wasp MC members in GTA

  4. Communicate and play with all Black Wasp MC members across all games/opportunities as much as possible

  5. Find a sponsor who will vouch for you


After Successful Examination

  • Invite recruit to BLACK WASP PROSPECTS crew on Social Club (USE A PHONE OR COMPUTER)

  • Kick them from the 223 HANGAROUND crew on Social Club

  • Invite them back to the lobby

  • Go to a CLOTHING STORE and have them purchase the BLACK DARTED VEST biker cut with the CREW EMBLEM on the back


  • Direct recruit to apply FUCK LUCK OUTLINE tattoo to right arm

  • Direct recruit to apply TIMES UP OUTLINE tattoo to left arm

  • Remove their HANGAROUND role and add PROSPECT role on Discord

  • Inform them that they are now being considered for official Black Wasp MC membership so they need to be on their best behavior at all times


Prospect Study Guide

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