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In order for another MC to be on our FMC list, they need to establish a discussion with our Ambassador, and pass a Club Church Majority vote during the Ambassador's Address. We primarily run events with these MC's and hang out with them on a regular basis.

In order for another MC/Crew to be on our RMC list, they must distinguish themselves to be respectful towards BLACK WASP. The SGT at ARMs acknowledges these MC's during the SGT at ARM's address.

In order for another MC/Crew to be on our NMC list, the MC must simply establish themselves as a foe for the SGT at ARMs to address at church. These MC's are our primary engagements during SWARM NIGHT. BLACK WASP does not hunt these MC's on a regular basis.


Motorcycle Clubs


Reaper Lords (LORD)

Sons of Bakersfield (SBMC)

Clubs that have shown Respect (RMC)

Lost Breed (LBMC)

Muerto's MC (13MC)

Red Menace (RMMC)

Mothers Finest MC (MFMC)

Banished Breed MC (BBMC)

The Nobodies


If they're not WASP, nor have ever shown respect towards WASP, they do not matter, deserve to be talked about outside of church, or are acknowledged by the 223 in any way shape or form.

223 is Drama Free

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