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BLACK WASP Motorcycle Club

Weekly Church Format

PSN Church: 9:30 EST. Sundays

Xbox Church: 9:30 EST. Saturdays

Black Sunday PSN Church: 9:30 EST. on the first Sunday of the month

Black Sunday Xbox Church: 9:30 EST. on the second Sunday of the month

Road Captain's Address

The Road Captain judges how the club has handled itself within riding formation, and what we need to improve on. He/She then discusses any upcoming rides and the current Road Kings. Also, the Road Captain's address discusses current Road King statuses including prospective Road Kings who are looking to begin their trials.

Ambassador's Address

The Ambassador reveals details regarding our standpoints with other clubs, events with other clubs, our ceasefires, how we're promoting ourselves throughout the community, and how we can better promote ourselves.

Treasurer's Address

The Treasurer announces any upcoming club special events, their time and date, and how club members can help attend. He/she also discusses any new fund acquiring schemes within GTA5.

Club Discussion

The clubs entirety discusses current events, patched members are able to request trials for certain positions, etc.

Presidents Address

The highest ranking TOP 9 member establishes the beginning of our format, discusses current events, such as a new patch entering church with other attending presidents, and communicates with other TOP 9 to begin church.

Secretary's Address

The Secretary's address discusses the website and the social club page with the keepers, decides what needs to be changed or updated during church, and ensures that there is proper documentation of the current church being written down by the keeper, or him/herself. Also, the Secretary's address discusses current keeper statuses including prospective keepers who are looking to begin their trials.

H.O.P's Address

The H.O.P discusses our current situation with prospects and hangarounds by naming all of them, and discussing their progress within the BLACK WASP recruitment phase with the Prospect Developers. If the H.O.P believes a prospect is ready for a patch, then the H.O.P will call their name to the club for a unanimous vote at church. Also, the H.O.P's address discusses current Prospect Developer statuses including prospective Prospect Developers who are looking to begin their trials.

SGT at ARMS Address

The SGT at ARMs analyzes the Clubs standing with wars with other MC's, who we're fighting, and converses with the War Horse's on how we can fight more effectively. Also, the SGT at ARMS' address discusses current War Horse and Arch Angel statuses including prospective War Horses and Arch Angels who are looking to begin their trials.

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